GRIP User Guide

  1. Select your GP practice - On home page select your GP practice , then click on the arrow next to the ‘Start here’ text box which will take you to the search page.
  2. Search - on the search page you can search by a number of different key words and terms including the name of the procedure or guideline, clinical term, and other related words which you think are relevant.
  3. Search results - having put in your key work or search term a list of results will be displayed for the profiles which contain that key word. In order to view that item hover over the item header and click to be take to the relevant page.
  4. Profile page - each procedure and guideline has a dedicated page which will provide you with information about whether or not a procedure has been funded, or is funded with threshold or criteria. For clinicians only there is a link at the bottom of each profile page taking you to a password protected login to either request funding or to demonstrate that a threshold or criteria has been met.
  5. Technical support - for help with any part of this site please contact us through the ‘Contact’ page.